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These days finding a skilled, professional and trustworthy builder is not an easy thing. Especially, when you don’t know what you should expect from one. That is why we decided to create this website – to help you find your perfect home, perfect environment. As a building company with 16 years of experience, we know lots and lots of co-workers, who could make your dreams come true. Just rely on us and you’ll see what kind of magic could happen.


Our people have many years of experience as builders. Every team we work with is qualified to do their job. They’ve got every certificate that is required, i.e. Gas Safe Register, NICEIC Checkatrade, etc. Reliability is the key word of PolishBuilders.London. Reference documents can only prove that. As you know there is nothing that a Polish man cannot do.

Polish Builders London cover all London areas: Polish Builders in North London, West London, East London and South London.

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